Solving construction industry pain points with digital workflows

Building software solutions is not too dissimilar from physical building work…if you don’t take the physical part into account. Otherwise, the right solution - like the right construction project - identifies a need, determines who and what is required to get the job done, and eventually creates a space that meets the needs of those using it - virtually, that is.

Much like a building, software can be used to meet a variety of needs. We’ve had eye-opening conversations with businesses looking to use digital workflows and/or electronic signatures in ways that solve problems we hadn’t previously known about in ways we couldn’t have planned for - but that provide exactly what is necessary.

So when it comes to the construction industry and land lease agreements, it’s been no surprise to learn how digital workflows and electronic signatures have been able to help municipalities and construction managers tackle some of the tedious administration work that inevitably comes with building and property planning.

Digital workflows and construction

Depending on the location of a project, there are a variety of different requirements put in place by regulatory authorities when it comes to the construction process. In some cases, there are strict rules for managing who is involved in a project.

We work with several organizations and municipalities that require registration of a construction manager after the approval of a planning permission application. Once the construction manager is added and approved, he then needs to take on the task of registering the various tradesmen that will be needed for the project.

By registering the tradesmen selected for the project digitally, it ensures that all signatures are verified and that the tradesmen have in fact signed up for the project and that each has the appropriate licensing for the type of work required.

Seeing this process being done as a paper-based process, it was clear that there could be a better way to handle it - enter digital workflows. With the right solution, a construction manager can easily be added to an approved project. They can then access the digital document to add the tradesmen that will be taking on the job.

Thanks to the digitalization of the workflow, the licensing lookup process becomes automated - there’s no need to manually search for whether each individual has the necessary qualifications as this is linked to an online database and integrated with the form.

Additionally, the days of dealing with the hassle of printing out A1-3 size drawings only for the purpose of giving them a stamp of approval, only then to have to scan the drawings back into the system…those days can be firmly in the past. Electronic seals allow for tracing of actions on drawings and ensures that the quality and integrity of the documents are upheld.

Once the tradesmen have been added, a contract is automatically generated, significantly speeding up the process of registering workers, complying with regulatory measures, and accelerating the approval process.

Digital workflows and land lease agreements

In a related arena, we’ve also seen cities working with land lease agreements find easier ways to manage the contract process thanks to the right digital solution. Both residential and commercial plot leases can be handled and processed easily with digital workflows.

With a digital document, much like the tradesmen licensing lookup, relevant systems can be linked to speed up the process of confirming the details on a particular plot of land and the status of the lease monitored.

Applications can be submitted via an online, white labeled portal within the municipality’s site, allowing individuals and businesses to easily and efficiently provide the necessary details for the city to then be able to quickly check up on the plot.

Adjustments can be entered manually, if needed, and then the contract process can continue to the signing stages. With an electronic signature option, land lease agreements can be securely signed online with verified signatures. They can also be printed out, to be signed in person with “wet” signatures if preferred or if necessary and scanned to the document storage system.

Integrations with existing data systems including property management and CRM software create a more streamlined digital process that allows the important checks to happen instantly, online.

Implementing digital workflows in building and property management

The construction industry and land lease agreements both involve a number of different regulatory requirements. By moving the applications for these processes online, construction managers and property managers can combine and manage each step in one online space.

By moving to digital workflows, the workflows are more automated and efficient, helping to accelerate a previously complex and paperwork-heavy process. Lookups for licensing registration as well as property details can be done instantaneously, preventing any mistakes or delays in the approval procedure.