Improved legal workflows, AML and digital compliance.

The taktikal approach to digital Legal Services

1. Standardise Processes

Standardise contractual language and finalise documents working across departments easily using a collaborative platform. Reduce the risk of errors caused by unreviewed changes. Allow instant approval of documents to ensure that they meet compliance regulations and are submissible in a court of law, if necessary.

2. Speed up the Sales Process

Virtually eliminate time-consuming manual processes involving extensive paperwork. Take back time typically spent on daily administrative tasks with the implementation of online workflows that guide customers through various processes with automated tailoring of questions. Easily collect and manage all relevant details in a designated portal or an integrated system.

3. Offer a Secure Experience

Collect and manage highly sensitive information in a secure online environment that meets current data privacy regulations. Offer a tailored approach to customers that provides a more streamlined and positive experience. Collect and follow up on electronic signatures, ensuring that all documents are signed and authenticated in a timely manner.

Industry challEnges

The amount of manual paperwork required by legal services providers is a central challenge faced in the effort to modernise workflows and improve operational efficiency. Administrative tasks and analog processes often keep professionals from time spent communicating with clients. Important documentation can be easily overlooked, updated without receiving proper approval, or missing components to comply with necessary regulations.

Taktikal provides a secure online portal to help transition to a paperless process,where documents can be easily managed, customer onboarding streamlined, and data collected easily. The option to offer authenticated electronic signatures makes it faster to get documents signed. Taktikal’s solutions aim to reduce the amount of time spent on mundane tasks, giving time back to focusing on providing a better client experience.

challenges in the Legal industry

Standardised documents
Client onboarding
Paperwork processing
Sensitive information
Court admissibility

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