Taktikal for

The Taktikal and Slack logos with a heart in between them

With an integration for Slack you can receive alerts for new signatures, helping you stay on top of your onboarding processes.

Easy to

1. Add the app for Slack to your company workspace

Click the  “Install the app” button at the top of this page to add the app to your company workspace in Slack.

2. Configure your user account

Open the "Home" tab in the app and click "Connect". This will open a permissions page from Slack. Click "Allow", this will open your app.taktikal.com portal and finalize the integration.

3. Add more users

Once the app has been added to the workspace, other users can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the left hand panel and clicking “add apps”, searching for “Taktikal” and configuring their account (see step 2).

4. Watch the notifications appear in Slack

Send documents for signing from within app.taktikal.com and watch as the notification arrives in Slack once signing is complete.


My signatures aren’t showing up in Slack

The user email address in Slack needs to match with the user email in app.taktikal.com to show up in Slack.

I don’t see all the signatures in Slack

You are only able to see signature activity in Slack if you are the user that started the signature process.

How much does it cost?

Taktikal for Slack is free.

Can I send documents to be signed from Slack?

No, the first version of the app only displays signing activity, but can’t start signing processes.


Send us an email at help@taktikal.com describing the problem along with the account information and user email and we’ll look into it.