Taktikal Partners with Veriff to Power Global Identity Verification for Digital Signatures

Taktikal is happy to announce its partnership with Veriff, a global identity verification provider, to provide enhanced identity verification capabilities for our customers on a global scale. With this partnership, Veriff adds an extra layer of safety and security to Taktikal’s automated onboarding and workflow processes through the strengthened authentication of digital signatures.  

Taktikal’s Smartflows solution allows organizations to build, visualize, and automate their customer-facing processes in one platform, such as contracts, onboarding solutions with built-in tools for Know Your Customer (KYC) and regulatory compliance. The technology verifies the identities of its users and links them directly with digital signatures. Veriff strengthens the security of Taktikal’s signatures through its streamlined, AI-powered identity verification technology, and helps ensure compliance by qualifying them as Advanced Signatures (AES) that are uniquely linked to the signer.

“Strong identification is the foundation for establishing trust in signatures, contracts  and customer onboarding, especially in high-risk industries such as finance and insurance,” said Valur Thor Gunnarson, CEO at Taktikal. “We needed a partner that could provide best-in-class identity verification technology to ensure the strongest identification confidence in regions where mobile e-iDs are not as widespread. Veriff has been a key partner, empowering Taktikal to establish an enhanced level of trust that users participating in contracts and onboarding workflows are who they say they are, while allowing us to expand our user base to markets like the US and UK where mobile e-iDs are less common.” 

Veriff's ability to verify more than 11,300 government-issued IDs from more than 230 countries and in 48 different languages not only helps ensure compliance with the local regulations of Taktikal’s customer base, but it also offers an alternative option for users who are unable to present a mobile e-iD.

“The use of digital signatures in onboarding processes and other business workflows has skyrocketed with digitalization, and as a result we have seen a rise in fraud attempts,” said Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO.  “It’s never been more important for businesses across industries to be steps ahead of these bad actors and confirm the real identities of users signing documents. We’re thrilled to partner with Taktikal and work together to help organizations deliver faster identity verification processing, less operational risk and overall more trust in common workflow applications.”

About Veriff

Veriff is the preferred identity verification partner for the world’s biggest and best digital companies, including pioneers in fintech, crypto, gaming and the mobility sectors. They provide advanced technology, deep insights and expertise from their foundation in digital-first Estonia and honed over decades in leading the digital identity revolution. The partner of choice for businesses who need to rapidly and effortlessly verify online users from anywhere in the world, Veriff delivers the widest possible identity document coverage. By supporting government issued IDs from more than 230 countries and territories and with their intelligent decision engine which analyzes thousands of technological and behavioral variables Veriff enables trust from the first hello.

With more than 500 people from 60 different nationalities and offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Estonia, as well as robust backing and funding from investors including Accel, Alkeon, IVP, Tiger Capital and Y Combinator, they’re dedicated to helping businesses and individuals build a safer and more secure world. To learn more, visit veriff.com.

Stay compliant with Advanced Signatures

Taktikal’s advanced signatures speed up sales processes and enhance the onboarding process of new customers, partners or vendors by verifying the identity of the signee and uniquely linking the identity to the signature. 

Advanced signatures are therefore an essential part of AML compliant onboarding workflows to verify the identity of the customer.

Advanced signatures satisfy the following requirements of the upcoming EBA guidelines on the use of remote customer onboarding solutions:

  • Verify that there is a match between the visible information of the natural person and the document provided
  • Ensure that any photographs or video is taken under adequate lighting conditions and that the required properties are captured with necessary clarity,
  • Ensure that any photographs or video is taken at the time the customer is performing the verification process
  • Perform liveness detection verifications
  • Use strong and reliable algorithms to verify if the photographs or video taken matches the pictures retrieved from the official document belonging to the customer
  • Send a single-use, time–limited, randomly generated passcode to the customer to confirm the presence during the remote verification process
  • Capture biometric data which can be compared with other data
  • Send direct email to the customer

The signature process

A user-friendly interface guides the signee through the authentication in minutes and lets him know what documents they’ll need to complete the verification process.

  • Front and back photos of a government-issued ID
  • A photograph of themselves (a selfie)

The process is fully-automated and combines manual checks with machine learning to verify whether the IDs have been tampered with, their validity and that they were presented by their owner. The activity log of each signature process furthermore allows to track the authentication and signing process and to send reminders to signees to finish the signing process. 

Each signed document is accompanied by an evidence page that includes:

  • The type and number of the ID used for verification
  • Time and date stamping of ID checks and signatures
  • The results of the ID verification

The evidence page is connected to the signed document via an unique identifier and sealed to ensure the document’s integrity. 

Security measures

All Taktikal signatures use an eIDAS certified time stamp (Qualified TSA) to confirm the signature time, which ensures that the signed document is suitable for long term storage. The documents are also sealed upon signature to ensure that it cannot be tampered with once signed without breaking the signature.