Taktikal recognized as an “Exemplary company”

Here at Taktikal, we believe in celebrating your wins. In a competitive business environment such as SaaS, this is especially important. With that in mind, we are happy to share that Taktikal was recently acknowledged as a “Fyrirmyndarfyrirtæki í rekstri” - for those still working on their Icelandic, this translates roughly to “Model company in operations”.

About the recognition

This recognition applies primarily to the financial operations and achievements of the business. By doing so, it encourages transparency in these matters and reveals the companies that are experiencing stability and growth.

This year, just 2.3% of companies in Iceland met the criteria to make the list, which is 1,170 companies in total. The criteria required for recognition is strict and looks at company operations not just from the previous year, but for several years leading up.

For example, to even be considered for the 2022 list, companies were required to:

  • Submit their annual accounts for 2020, 2021, and even 2019
  • Show that they have had a positive financial result
  • Provide proof that the income was more than 40 million ISK (approximately 282,600€)
  • Provide proof that the assets held a value of more than 80 million ISK (approximately 565,200€)
  • Have an equity ratio that is above 20%

And provide additional information for evaluation by the joint commission that determines the list each year: Keldan and Viðskiptablaðið (see below)

It is a prestigious list to be part of, and Taktikal is proud to have placed amongst the other recognized companies around the country. The list is published each year in a special edition of the national Viðskiptablaðið newspaper. It is also picked up by news and other media outlets across Iceland.

About the evaluators

Keldan is a company that focuses on information sharing in the public sector of Iceland. Founded in 2009, it offers an app that provides access to all main files and documentation of the public bodies in the country.

In 2013, Keldan was acquired by Kóði, a company that provides fintech solutions as well as market data to businesses in the financial industry. This merger means that Keldan continues to expand its expertise and offerings.

Viðskiptablaðið works jointly with Keldan to evaluate the companies’ eligibility for the Fyrirmyndarfyrirtæki recognition. It is a business and economics newspaper published weekly. Founded in 1994, its focus has expanded today to include relevant national topics, as well as interviews, reviews, and more and publishes a special edition with the full list once the companies are selected.

Taktikal’s inclusion in the list this year shows not just a positive financial situation, but also a commitment to transparency. Being considered a model company also means a responsibility to continue to uphold this level of operations to set an example for other businesses.