Digital signatures, workflows, AML and digital compliance.

The Taktikal Approach to Digital Financial Services

1. Reduce Paperwork

Streamline the due diligence process by offering online forms that adjust according to customer answers. This means an almost total elimination of paper documents, email attachments, and general back-and-forth required for an AML/KYC workflow. Accelerate customer onboarding, document processing, and signature collection with one centralised company portal.

2. Comply with Regulations

Build responsive, custom online questionnaires that automatically adapt to each client’s answers, giving them an easier, more comfortable process for disclosing the information required for due diligence and AML/KYC regulations. Built-in PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) and Sanctions lists allow instant checks and automatically add additionally required questions.

3. Speed up Processing

Maintain an overview of the activity of documents to determine whether the necessary parties have taken the steps to confirm document processing. Automate signature order and follow up with any incomplete or unconfirmed workflows to easily collect secure, electronic signatures both locally and abroad.

Industry challEnges

Meeting compliance regulations for AML/KYC while also ensuring new customers have a comfortable experience is one of the main hurdles faced by financial services companies today. New regulations require stringent due diligence procedures thatcustomers can find intrusive and uncomfortable and that companies find tedious with seemingly endless paperwork, attachments, and workflows that are difficult totrack.

Taktikal provides custom online forms that automatically adjust based on customer responses - ensuring all questions relevant to their specific situation are answered and meet the AML/KYC regulations upheld by the company. Authenticated electronic signatures complete and help to streamline the approval process and ensure all necessary parties confirm the document processing.

challenges in the Finance industry

Compliance with regulations
Client onboarding
Paperwork processing
Sensitive information
Approval of documentation

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